Friday, August 28

Did I miss something?

Okay, I thought the whole point of having a convertible was to look cool. You know, driving around in your way cool sports car with the top down. Showing that you have enough money to have an extra car that you can only drive for about two months of the year. Chick magnets. I think I missed something, or that guy totally did. The other day I saw a convertible and I was confused. It was a Smart Car convertible. Okay, it is absolutely imposible to look cool while driving a Smart Car. It just is. There is no way. Making it a convertible does not change that fact. You still look dumb. Only now maybe more so than you would have if you had stuck to the original. It's like pimping out the mini-van. Doesn't help at all. Makes you look pathetic. I don't think this convertible could in any way be called a chick magnet. Unless it gets the girls to go "awww, it's so cute. Like a little baby car." Size matters guys. It really does.