Friday, October 24

It's Samuel's birthday on Friday.

Thursday, October 23

Bah Humbug!

I really wanted my next blog to be something nice. I was kind of depressing on the last post. Oh well. I'll be even more depressing this time. My countdown has increased indefinately. I don't know when Samuel can come. The embassy rejected Samuel's visa application. They said that there was not enough evidence showing ties to Korea, and that he didn't show that he had sufficient funds, and that I didn't show I had sufficient funds. So, in other words, they don't believe that he will return to Korea, they think he doesn't have enough money, and they think I don't have enough money. There was no place where they asked me to show that I had money. I don't have enough money, but they never asked. There is no place where they say how much money is enough, so it's a guessing game.

I was looking forward to Christmas, but now I don't care. I would rather it never came. Christmas was the end. I could stop waiting. Now I don't know when the end is. When can I stop waiting? My first Christmas in Canada in two years, and I'm going to spend it crying. It was supposed to be the best Christmas ever. Not anymore.

Wednesday, October 15

71 days

Well, I have been back in Canada for 71 days. Yep, I've counted. It's been okay. I like Canada. I like living here. I like the food, even if I find Dortitos disappointing. I think I would like it better if I were getting paid to work, but I suppose that will come later. While I do love Canada, there is something that is missing. Okay, not really something, more like someone. I have been in Canada for 71 days. That means that I haven't seen Samuel for 71 days. It seems like forever. Sometimes I think I will go crazy. I didn't know it was possible to miss someone so much. I know some of you did the whole long-distance relationship thing. How did you handle it? Sometimes I think, it's only been 71 days, how can it be this bad already? I have 67 more days until Samuel comes at Christmas. If I'm this crazy already, how bad am I going to be by then? I refuse to think about after Christmas right now because I know I'll just have to go through all of this again. For now I am only thinking up to Christmas. After that isn't important right now. 67 days seems like a long time. I think I'll go crazy.

Tuesday, October 7

Prayers please

I am asking all of you for your prayers on behalf of Samuel. His older brother died this week. He can't go home for the funeral. Please keep him in your prayers. Thank you.