Tuesday, February 3

When did a rodent learn to predict the weather?

Does anyone else think that Groundhog's day is stupid? Who had the stupid idea that a rodent could predict the end of winter? Apparently both Wireton Willie and the other one, whose name I can't spell, and died several years ago but won't let that stop him, predicted six more weeks of winter. No kidding! I don't need a rodent to tell me that. This is Saskatchewan people! Of course there are six more weeks of winter. If we're lucky. If we're not so lucky there will be more.

Here are my predictions. No, I didn't check out my shadow to make these predictions, I just made them up, just now. I'll bet my predictions are just as accurate as the groundhogs'.
It will snow four more times. One of those times will be toward the end of April.
We will continue to complain about the cold for at least two more moths. Then we will complain about puddles. Then we will complain about mosquitoes. Then the cold again.
Some stupid teenager will wear shorts to school in early March. He will be cold, but will be determined that it is spring. The groundhog said so.

Don't let a rodent make your decisions. Think for yourself.