Tuesday, November 20

Isn't this a pretty shoe? This is one of the shoes I bought on Saturday. I thought I would show you so you could appreciate them too. I haven't actually worn them yet, but I like to look at them. I'm sure I will not have to look far to find an excuse to wear them. I like shoes. Who doesn't?

Sunday, November 18


I have been craving banana bread, so today I decided to make some. I make some pretty dang good banana bread, if I do say so myself. I have made banana bread many times. I should have the recipe memorized. I should be able to make it in my sleep. Somehow, I lost my mind and over cooked it so it was burned on top. I could live with that. Then I tried it. Not good. I realized that I had forgotten to add sugar. You could eat it I suppose, it's just not very good. Fortunately, I had enough stuff to make another batch. I remembered to add sugar this time, but I didn't add enough baking powder. I also forgot to grease the pans, so the bread stuck and ripped. I tried the part that ripped off. It tastes good, it's just a little heavy. It's not my day for baking is it? Combine that with yesterday, which was an "I hate Korea day" where I actually yelled at someone for speaking to me on the street, it has been a wonderful weekend. The only good part was that I bought new shoes. They really are nice shoes, too. I am actually looking forward to Monday morning so I can listen to the Rider game. Isn't that sick? Who looks forward to Monday?

Go Riders!

Monday, November 12

Go Riders!

Yay, go Riders! Let's repeat it next week. Maybe with a few more touchdowns, but I'll take any win. I finally figured out that I can listen to the game live. The wonderful radio station, CJWW, has a live broadcast so I can listen to the game. The game started at 7:00 this morning. I didn't listen to the whole thing, but I got most of the last half. I'm excited to listen to next week's game. Hopefully there will be one more game after that. I wore my Rider's t-shirt to listen. Joyce sent me the t-shirt for my birthday, and it got here just in time.

More exciting news, I figured out how to change the language on my blog, so now I can read all the buttons in English. Before everything was in Korean, so I mostly pushed buttons and hoped it did what thought it did. Now I can actually read it. Yay.

One more. I found Miracle Whip at the foreign food store. Does life get any better? A Rider victory and Miracle Whip. Life is good.

Sunday, November 4

Octopus and the pomegranate tree

Everyday I walk past this tree on my way to taekwondo. The first time I saw it I had to stop and stare at it because I couldn't figure out what was on the tree. I thought it was really funny looking. I finally recognized that they were pomegranates. Really, who knew that they grew on trees? The things you learn. It really is interesting to see all the new things here. My friend Eun-Ju laughed at me because I had to stop and look at the baby squid at a seafood restaurant. They were swimming around in the tank, how could I not look? She said I was like a child to find everything so interesting. How can you not find squid fascinating? They're pretty cool. So are octopuses. And shrimp. Did you know that they aren't actually pink? Living in Saskatchewan the only shrimp you see are the frozen ones in the shrimp ring. Here I get to see the live ones. They're grey, with lots of legs. They really are quite nasty looking. At least they taste good. Seeing all the variety makes me think that God is very creative. He must have a good sense of humour, too. How can you look at an octopus and not think that it's funny? Look at all those silly legs. Aren't they funny looking? Look at all the colour around. The changing leaves, the sunset, all the different skin tones and eye colours. (Tony's eyes are blue) God is not boring. He loves variety. He gave us all this beauty around us. How often do we actually appreciate it? We complain about the cold. The changing leaves mean that winter is coming and it will be cold. Do we think "wow, the leaves are beautiful, and just think, soon there will be snow to cover everything in a beautiful white blanket"? Maybe we should try to think that way. Let's thank God for all the beauty he has surrounded us with. If we think of blessings first, maybe we will not think of the complaints.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.
Praise Him all creatures here below.
Praise Him above, ye heavenly host.
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.