Friday, September 21

Jimminy Cricket!

I showed my students a picture of the bug and they told me that it was a cricket. Then they laughed at me because I freaked out about a cricket. "It's just a cricket, Teacher." It's not just a cricket! A cricket wears tails and a top hat and sings "when you wish upon a star". It doesn't freak me out in my bedroom. Stupid bug. I don't care if it was a cricket. It was still gross.

Tuesday, September 18

Yucky bug!

I went into my bedroom yesterday and I thought that there was a spider on the floor. That was bad enough, but then I looked closer. That is not a spider! I have no idea what it is. It totally freaked me out. It jumped!! I dropped a container on top of it and then had to leave the room and freak out for a bit before I came to my senses and thought that I should take pictures of it so you could see it too. If you look closely you can see that it spikey things on its bum and extra mouth parts. It had really long antenna too. When I started taking pictures it turned around and came to the edge and looked at me. Creepy. When I was finished with the photo shoot I took the container outside and dropped the bug out the window. A three floor drop probably did it good. I live on the third floor. That bug has no wings. How did it get into my apartment? I hope I never have to see anything like it again.

See, it's looking at you.

Saturday, September 8

I was a tourist today

Today I went to the traditional village in Jeonju. I had already been there twice, but I'm always up for touristy stuff. I figured out how to put pictures on here so you get to see too.

This is the gate that goes into the garden at the palace grounds.

Isn't this a cool picture?

More moss covered trees.

Pretty trees. I like trees. Most of the pictures I take are of trees or some other kind of plant.

There is a big Catholic cathedral at the entrance to the traditional village. It doesn't really fit in with the Korean architecture. I didn't take any pictures of th exterior because they are restoring it so there was scaffolding all over. I'll take pictures of it next time.

When Nancy and Joyce were here we couldn't go into the cathedral, so I was excited that I could this time. There is something about churches that makes me want to go inside.

Friday, September 7

I think I've figured it out!

Okay, I know that the last post says I posted it over a month ago, but then I came back to Korea and everything was in Korean and I didn't know what buttons to push to make it do what I wanted. A friend came over today and I asked her to tell me what everything meant, so I think I have it figured out. Thanks Christen!

When I got back to Korea I had to get used to the heat again. I had forgotten just how hot it is here. Fortunately, it has now cooled off enough that I don't have to have my air conditioner on all the time. It has rained almost everyday for the last three weeks, but there was no rain today so we were all very happy. I even saw blue sky for a few minutes!

I look forward to seeing most of you soon, although I feel like I just saw you, but it will be nice anyway.

Get better soon Grandma.