Monday, November 2

Seriously people?

I noticed something recently. It seems that I am quite frequently stuck behind a stupid driver. You know the kind that takes the ramp to get on to the freeway but doesn't bother accelerating to get up to the speed of the other cars on the freeway, or the kind that slows down on the highway before they move over into the turning lane when the turning lane is more that sufficient space to slow down, or the kind that goes ten under the speed limit until you get into city limits and then they go ten above. Why am I so lucky so often? Today I almost got sideswiped by a stupid woman who changed three lanes at once without bothering to look, and then she looked insulted when I honked at her. I was behind a van today getting off of the freeway. Instead of merging into traffic like a normal person, he stopped. Yep. Really. Does anyone other than me actually know how to drive? Some days I really doubt it.