Thursday, November 3


I suppose I can write about my kids now.  It has been long enough.  Because it was Halloween on Monday, we had a party and all the kids dressed up.  In my classroom there were only two costume choices; princess or superhero.  Does Buzz Lightyear count as a superhero?  I suppose he does to little kids.  Anyway, there was Buzz, Batman, Superman, 6 princesses, and two Spidermans.  Should that be Spidermen?  Hmmm.  Two dressed up as Spiderman.  There was a little more variety for the school as a whole.  For the girls there were a few witches, a gorgeous Monarch butterfly, one homemade owl, which was really cool but she cried because she thought she looked stupdid, one leprechaun, and a bunch of princesses.  for the boys there were a bunch of superheroes.  One of the costumes even said Superhero on it.  The rest of the costume looked like Superman, but said superhero where the s goes.  There were also several Transformers, one Musketeer, a Woody, and one boy was Jack Sparrow.  That was a really cool costume.The teachers also dressed up.  Most of the Korean teachers don't really get the whole idea of costumes, and just wear something that they think is Halloweeny, like black and orange, or jack-o-lantern antennae.  I didn't go all out. I just wore a big rainbow clown wig.  It is pretty cool.  One teacher was Snow White.  She matched several of the children.  There was also a witch, a butterfly, a monster mask, devil horns, a mad scientist, and Batman.    The kids had a really good time at the party.  We did face painting and watched a movie.  There was a really bad magician.  He was entertaining, but not very good.  I could hear two little girls say "I saw how he did that!"  They seemed to enjoy watching to see him mess up, which he did a few times.  I felt sorry for his pigeon.  He did a few tricks with it, but really should have skipped those ones.  After that we got to go trick-or-treating around the school.  All the kids had a wonderful time, and were really excited about all of the candy they got.  I don't really like Halloween, okay, I think the whole thing is stupid, but the costumes were cute. 

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armacleod said...

Don't you think you'd feel different about Halloween if you had not shared it in such a fundamental way? I think Halloween should be every day so people can have the excuse to dress up however they want every day! It's fun to dress up, but I feel that we lack all the occasions to do so and enjoy it.